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Product Documentation

Product documentation for each product can be found on each product’s page under the tabs Description, Properties, Technical Specs and Extended Information. The image to the right of an example Product page showing the tabs mentioned at the lower left of the page.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA) are available upon request by lot #.

Publications and References in Literature for each product can usually be found at Google Scholar and as available listed under the Extended Information tab for each product

Sample Product Page

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store my product when it arrives? Each product comes with “Store on Arrival” information. Storage requirements can be found on individual product pages.

Can I receive a sample quantity of a product? Samples are available on a case by case basis and in most collaborative scenarios. Contact Sales for more information.

Do you offer custom synthesis? ION does provide custom synthetic work based on the resources required and the size of the request. Please contact Sales for further information.

Will ION collaborate or co-invent with me on my product idea? ION welcomes collaborative opportunities. Please contact ION to determine if a NDA is required prior to disclosing any potential intellectual property ideas.

Does ION offer private labeling? ION does offer private labeling on a case by case basis. Please contact Sales for further information.

How do I become a distributor for ION? Please contact Sales for further information.

Product Storage & Shelf Lives

Once you have received your order, immediately follow the long-term storage instructions provided product information enclosed. Many of ION’s products can be shipped at room temperature without affecting performance because our products are typically stable at room temperature for numerous days. It is recommended that storage at 4°C or -20°C upon receipt to prolong shelf life.

We guarantee the quality and performance based upon our internal testing of these conditions.

Light Sensitivity: As a general rule fluorescent dyes should be protected from light during long-term storage. Short term exposure to light is generally not an issue.

Moisture Sensitivity: All of ION’s products should be protected from moisture during storage.

ION’s goal is to be environmentally friendly at every opportunity. This includes reducing excess packaging and using eco-friendly packaging materials.

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